A lot of the European countries have a long history of welcoming migrants in their societies, it dates back to the post-war period and continues until today, a lot of valuable experience has been gained through exploring different approaches for inter-cultural communication and integration into their cultures. However, there is no singular “migrant culture” and trying to integrate people with migratory background means operating in a varied field of different cultures, languages, traditions and religions.

Six countries – Latvia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and Turkey have joined in the project “IDENTITIES: MUCH MORE THAN CARDS (IMMCs) (Code: 2016-1-LV01-KA204-022701), the aim of the project is to facilitate the inclusion of migrants in local society. A training programme aimed at the development of training methodologies for adults in order to increase their motivation to learn and to counter their feelings of resignation and apathy have been developed within the project. Thus, methodologically the project will be learner and staff/trainer oriented.

From transnational perspective, the project will allow to focus more at the migrant cultures instead of respective recipient countries. It is expected to exchange and learn about the different migrants' cultures and approaches on how they can be best addressed for an openness to inter-cultural exchange and acceptance and possible adaptation to the culture in the host country.

We invite you to master a practical training "Assistance to Integration / More Education Better Understanding" to help you start a successful business and integrate into society more successfully. The program consists of 6 training modules on topical and practical issues:

  • basic information on the European Union and basics of the language of everyday communication,
  • cultural differences and their versatility,
  • duties and rights of an employee,
  • basics and opportunities of starting a business,
  • fainancial support instruments offered by the states and possibilities to absorb them.