Modulo 1: Lingua


The people speak different languages and they don’t know our languages as well. They cannot express their feelings and needs to the others. As everybody knows language is a way of expressing ideas. So it’s necessary to learn the language where you move.
The topics and lessons of this module will give some ideas to the project partners’ countries: Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Luxemburg. You will learn about how to meet each other, greetings, family members, saying numbers, giving orders, giving directions, talking about present-past and future, filling a form, countable and uncountable, comparisons and ...etc.


1. Meetings. Introducing herself/himself (name, surname, from where, age). Greetings. (1 Lesson)
2. Talking about family members. Teaching them (have got/ has got),(a/an), (possessive s’), (Possessive adj.) and (this, that these and those) (2 lessons)
3.  Telling the days and months. Teaching them (days, months, there is/are, telling the time , prepositions in-on-at and wh...questions) (2 lessons)
4.  Giving directions, learning names of the vehicles and abilities. (1 lesson)
5. Talking about daily routines. Teaching them Simple present tense. (2 lessons)
6. Talking about friendship. Using adjectives while analysing character of people. Teaching them going to (plans and predictions) and would like to. ( 2 lessons)
7. Celebrations. Teaching them present Continuous tense and adverbs ( 1 lesson)
8. Teaching them names of foods and drinks. They are going to learn here “ countable and uncountable nouns, how much, how many) (2 lessons)
9. Talking about the past. Teaching them Simple Past Tense) (2 lessons)
10.  Talking about physical appearance, height, weight, distance and age. Teaching them comparatives, and superlatives. (1 lesson)
11. Talking about jobs for the future. Teaching them Future Tense will and too/ enough. Filling a form. (1 lesson)
12. Talking about heath and sports, keeping fit and illnesses. Teaching them First conditional, zero conditional ( 1 lesson)


How you can learn more about these topics:

  • Using flash cards, smart board or a data projector.
  • Pair work and group work.
  • Asking and answering questions.
  • Making dialogues.
  • Repeat after the teacher.
  • True/ False activities.
  • Matching the sentences.
  • Reading activities.
  • Role play


Evaluation form