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Talking about family and health and sports.



Family sport health probably impact your wellbeing more than you might imagine. Keeping your family active and healthy can tax your imagination but it doesn’t have to seem like work. The idea is really simple, eat healthy, have fun, keep moving, and spend time together. On this website we wish to promote what we believe are the important things in life, which we feel can be summed up with three words: family sport health…

1. Family: Families that live together and play together tend to be happier and healthier. A connected and active family creates a solid foundation at home while strengthening our social relationships outside of the home.
2. Sport: Participating in a sport, or a physical activity can help your body and mind function better. Staying active can increase your odds of living longer and living healthier.
3. Health. Healthy living is much more than selecting the best diet plan or the best get in shape program – it must be a new way of living for the rest of your life.


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1 hour


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The quality and quantity of relationships that we build and maintain throughout life – particularly within the family circle – can significantly impact our physical health, mental health,
Exercise: List forms of behaviour that can present barriers to effective cross-cultural communications. Although it’s safe to suggest that frequent physical activity is a key aspect of maintaining a good healthy lifestyle, a strong family bond is equally as important. The right encouragement from a family member is an ideal way to motivate the rest of the family to live a healthier lifestyle. The more we prompt our children to keep moving and enjoying physical activity, the more likely they are to adapt to hobbies and interests that involve exercise in some way. The family sport health website is a great resource to keep you informed and active.

Here are some great simple tips to help you get started to a healthier lifestyle…
• Drink plenty of water every day.
• Treat yourself with plenty of sleep.
• Exercise 15 minutes or more every day working out different parts of your body each day
• Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
• Make sure you get the right protein in your diet, lean red meat, chicken, fish
• Avoid the white carbs and eat the brown carbs
• Reduce your sugar intake
• Reduce consumption of processed foods
• Eat smaller portions when you are hungry instead of stuffing yourself with a large meal
• Enjoy your life… remember this is not just a diet or an exercise program, it’s a new lifestyle.



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