Modulo 1: Lingua

Lesson Title

Filling a form



This lesson aims to provide how to fill in a form such as;
a. Formal situation
b. Penalty (Money you have to pay if you break the rules.)
c. Obliged (You are obliged to take your passport to the police station)

And used the passive voice in the past. Eg; “ I was given a form to fill in this form”


Lesson time foreseen

1 hour


Lesson Content

Instructions- memory – government- application- reject- penalty- punishment
Passive voice= We use it when we don’t know who did the action.

Teaching some rules when filling in a form, such as;
(a) Form to be filled in English only.
(b) Fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory.
(c) Each box, wherever provided, should contain only one character (alphabet /number / punctuation sign) leaving a blank box after each word.
(d) Those already allotted a ten-digit alphanumeric Permanent Account Number shall not apply again as having or using more than one PAN is illegal. However, request for a new PAN card with the same PAN or/and changes or correction in PAN data can be made by filling up the form for 'Request for New PAN Card or/and Changes or Correction in PAN Data'.
(e) Applicants are required to provide their AO Code details in the application. These details can be obtained either from the Income Tax Office or an applicant can search for the same by selecting the appropriate option using the details provided in the form.
(f) Instructions for filling the Form :
Passive sentences;
I was given a form to fill in – I was given instructions-
My application was rejected last time- The form was lost



Evanulation form: