Modulo 1: Lingua

Lesson Title

Practicing phone calls



This lesson is for speaking English or any other second language on the telephone. It may be difficult for learners for many reasons and even high-level learners often feel uncomfortable with the unpredictability of telephone conversations. Of course phone calls for business is very important for the migrants, Speaking English on the telephone is one of the most challenging tasks for any English learner. There are a number of common phrases to learn, but the most challenging aspect is that you can not see the person.

The most important thing about practicing telephone conversations is that you shouldn't be able to see the person you are speaking to on the phone. Here are some tips and exercises to get you started improving your telephone English.


Lesson time foreseen

1 hour


Lesson Content

Talking with someone effectively on the phone truly is an art form. It’s so much different from both talking to people online and in person. Online, you have the time to really devise a great answer and think about what you are going to speak about before you press “enter.”

When you’re hanging out with friends and family, don’t be rude and chat with someone else on your cell phone. Be both physically and mentally present for the people you care about. If your phone rings, let the person know you’ll call back later, when you are alone. Doing otherwise gives the person you’re with the impression that he or she isn’t important to you.

Exercise (Role-play):

Here are a few suggestions for practicing phone calls without looking at your partner:
• In the same room - Put your chairs back to back and practice speaking on the phone, you will only hear the other person's voice which will approximate a telephone situation.
• Use the telephone - This is pretty obvious, but really not used that often. Give your friend a call and practice various conversations (role plays).
• Use internal office phones at work - This is one of my favorites and great for business classes. If your class is on site (at the office) go to different offices and call one another practicing conversations. Another variation is for the students to go into another office and have the teacher telephone them pretending to be a native speaker in a hurry. It's then up to the students to make sure they have communicated what they need, or understood what the caller wants. This exercise is always a lot of fun



Evanulation form: