Modulo 1: Lingua

Lesson Title

Talking about friendship



This lesson is for learning how to talk with friends.

How to Talk in English with Friends? One of the best ways to practice speaking a language like English is by simply talking and talking and continue talking like there is no tomorrow. This effort of continuously talking will become a habit. Eventually, you start thinking in the English language, no longer thinking in your own native tongue.

When learning anything, all the teachers will tell any student that the only way to perfection is through continuous practice. If you are learning to speak English, then the best way would be to continue practicing by talking, reading and writing...

Why talking to your friends is very important if you really want to speak in English fluently? Firstly – your friends are those, who are trusted by you. So, you expect from them to help you and they will. Even if you do some language mistakes, they do not laugh at you – they do correct you or explain things whenever you make some mistakes.

Even if your friends do not speak this language, you still can keep them asking about various things or reply for questions. The thing is to keep practising. Of course, remember to explain them why you want to answer or ask about anything in English, not in your mother tongue. However, if you really want to have someone who could truly improve your skills, then you can find some friends from different countries using popular social medias. There are many groups of young people who willingly and for free want to exchange some skills, especially languages.


Lesson time foreseen

1 hour


Lesson Content

Our friends are important to us so we tend to talk about them. And what sort of things do we say? We might talk about how strong a friendship is.

- Sometimes we talk about how a friendship started. You may say that - you met a friend through another person: I met Alice through a work friend of mine called Lucy.
- Sometimes we talk about why we are friends with a particular person.
- Sometimes our friends move away but we continue to communicate with them by phone, email, etc.
-  If we say that we are close to someone, we mean that we know and like them a lot: I’ve known Sara for years – we’re very close. / She’s very close to her brother.
Listen to the links and after that try to imitate the same.



Evanulation form: