Modulo 1: Lingua

Lesson Title

Teaching foods and drinks



This lesson is for teaching foods and drinks.
In this lesson, learners will be introduced to or review food items. Then they will sing a song or watch a story which they will use as the basis for a project of either a survey or a menu. They will think about food groups and how to eat healthily, and produce a poster. Finally, they will look at language for recipes and even make some food in class!


Lesson time foreseen

1 hour


Lesson Content

To develop and practise:

• vocabulary: food
• structure: ‘Do you like …?’, should, imperatives
• curricular work: menus, recipes, food groups, healthy eating
• integrated skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing
Learners could write a ‘How healthy are you?’ questionnaire. Working in pairs, they write five multiple choice questions, and then exchange their questionnaire with another pair. When they get their questionnaire back, they can tell the other pair the result!
Learners can sing the song again or, for fun, you might like to play the ‘Trolley dash’ game with them – a fun game where you have to race around the shop to get all the items on your shopping list. Learners will enjoy playing this in teams.
Learners can watch the story or listen to the song again at home. If they are members of Learn English Kids, they can also read comments on the ‘Food’ Your turn and leave their own comment on the page.  Alternatively, you could give them the ‘Typical dish’ or ‘Cooking’ worksheets to try at home.
8. Worksheets: ‘Typical dish’ and ‘Cooking’



Evanulation form: