Modulo 1: Lingua

Lesson Title

Teaching the time



This lesson is based on the topic of immigration. It can be a useful topic, which may generate to learn their time. Students are asked to discuss the reasons to learn the time, filling in some time expression and try to learn the time.


Lesson time foreseen

1 hour


Lesson Content

Vocabulary ( some new words about the time)

In this engaging speaking activity, students describe a normal day using activity cards and clocks. Students practice telling the time and using the present simple to talk about everyday activities. Students choose cards that show the activities they do on a normal day and they indicate when they do each activity by drawing the time on the clock. Then, they take it in turns to look at their partner’s cards and describe their partner’s normal day, e.g. You wake up at half past six. You have breakfast at seven o’clock, etc. After that, they take their partner’s activity cards and work with a new partner. This time, the students describe their previous partner's normal day using the third person.

This rewarding teaching activity is ideal for revising days of the week, telling the time and school subjects. Students are presented with a puzzle about the classes that Miyu's takes during the week. Working individually, students read the clues and complete Miyu's school timetable.

In this excellent teaching activity, students practice telling the time and describing a particular time's importance. Each student writes the names of everybody in the class on a piece of paper. Then, each student is given a blank clock face. On the clock face, students draw a time that is important to them. Students then go round the classroom asking and telling each other the time. Every time a student asks another student for their time, they find out why it is important. After each conversation, the students go back to their desks and write the time next to the name of the student they spoke to and the reason for its importance. When everybody has finished, students put the names of everybody in the class in order, according to who had the earliest to the latest time on their clock. They also write a sentence for each student about what they do at that time.



Evanulation form: