Module 3: European Union

Lesson Title

How to become a job seeker



When we have understood what we want to do and are determined to find a suitable job, we bravely go into search for a new job.  First of all we have to obtain the status of a job seeker. In this lesson we are going to learn how we can do it. Each country has relevant institutions that provide support and assistance to people looking for a suitable job. For example in Latvia you need to be registered in the State Employment Agency.
When the person has obtained the status of a job seeker, he/she is entitled to receive assistance and apply for aid under different support measures. The work with each job seeker is carried out individually as the aim is to facilitate a quick return to the job market.
The aim of the lesson is to provide detailed information about possibilities to obtain the status of a job seeker and benefits it provides.


Lesson time foreseen

1 hours for implementation (added links, videos)


Lesson Content

In this lesson you will learn:
• How to obtain the status of a  job seeker (in each project partner country)
• What benefits the job seeker`s status provide


Materials prepared by the tutor are used, and there is a possibility to acquire additional information online about this topic.


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