Module 4: Employment and work life


The aim is to gain a better understanding of employment opportunities and problems faced by job seekers - the ones who want to solve the problem, namely, find a job which fits their skills, desires and opportunities. At the same time acknowledging that the job market is changing rapidly and that competition is high. So confusion often occurs. What to do? Where to look for a job? Who could help and support in answering those questions. Mastering the module will allow the jobseekers to get some basic information about the most important aspects such as where and how to look for information, what kind of information is relevant, which institutions could provide support, understand what are the skills a job seeker himself is ready and able to offer to the employer, what obstacles might be faced during this process (legal, working conditions, etc.). How to prepare for an interview with an employer, etc.


The following topics have been chosen to help you understand and learn more about the employment situation and opportunities in different EU countries.

1. More on employment: Writing CVs, Interview skills [1 lesson]
2.  Test: do you have entrepreneurial spirit and skills? [1 lesson]
3. Social-psychological aspects of a job search [1 lesson]
4.  How to prepare for a job search? What are the ways to look for a job [2 lesson]
5.  How to become a job seeker? [1 lesson]
6.  Where to look for a job? Support structures of jobseekers. [2 lesson]
7.  Rights, duties and restrictions of a jobseeker (legal aspects) [2 lesson]
8.  Types of employment [2 lesson]
9. Green Jobs / Living and working conditions [1 lesson]


How you can learn more about these topics:


  • by self-study
  • attending lessons by teachers
  • engaging in discussions and exercises with others
  • visiting relevant places of national culture
  • taking part in group events


  • by self-study


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