Module 4: Employment and work life

Socioal - Psychological Aspects of Seeking a Job

There are a wide variety of situations, for example, a person is currently employed or is going to graduate soon and will have to look for a job. Some people may simply want to change something in their life. All of these situations have one thing in common – a wish to find a good job. In this lesson we are going to find out and look into our current situation. First of all we have to understand – why a person wants to change something. What the person can do and what are his/her current social needs? Do the skills, abilities and previous experience, the person possesses, comply with the needs and requirements necessary for the job. A person should be fully aware that he/she is ready for new challenges as a job seeker!
The aim of the lesson is to help the job seeker acknowledge his real needs, prioritize them and recognize the abilities and skills he possess and is able to apply in his new job.

Lesson time foreseen

1 lesson (a test)

Content of the lesson

The tutor asks to do a practical task – to fill a test. The aim of the test is to get to know yourself better, assess your individual needs, values and gain confidence about your skills and abilities which is especially important when searching for your place in the job market. To successfully fill out the test, the tutor explains rules on how to do it. The time allocated for the completion of the test is 30 minutes. The test offers a chance to ascertain if the person has a potential to make a move for the chosen profession or quite on the contrary - the chosen profession doesn’t fit his/her skills.

Resources and links

The test and materials related to the topic are prepared by the tutor.

The final test

5 practical tips on how to rate your test results