Module 4: Employment and work life

How to prepare for job search? Ways of finding a job

In the previous lesson by fillig out the test, we have assessed ourselves and gained a better understanding of what we want and what kind of work is most suitable for us. The next step is to get acquainted with various job offers and explore the requirements for the jobs we are interested in. People can use both direct contacts and internet resources to find a job. For example in Latvia the State Employment Agency has a career counselor who provides the necessary information.
The aim of the module is to give some advice on where to look for vacancies.

Lesson time foreseen

1 hour for reading the lesson
1 hour for implementation (added links, videos)

Lesson Content

It is never easy to find the most suitable job without serious consideration of various conditions and circumstances, as well as weighing up pros and cons. A person has to think a lot about it, be aware of his/her desires, wishes and abilities. Definitely we tend to choose a job that we like and also give possibility to earn the living. There is a wide variety of professions to choose from, but it is not easy to make the right decision. There are several ways of finding out the necessary information about a specific profession. We can go to a career counsellor who will provide information about a range of available professions. We can use internet resources to find vacancies. As well as we can scan adverts and try to find something suitable.
When a person has found a suitable job and made a decision to have a go at it, we can take further action, which is - creating a “portfolio”. There are many ways of doing it. We can do it ourselves, or if we lack knowledge and skills, we can master these skills by attending some courses and seminars. When this has been done we can start searching for the most suitable job.
The aim of the topic:

  • to gather information about various ways of finding a job;
  • to start preparing for a job interview .


Materials to be used in the lesson are prepared by the tutor, some additional information on the same topic can be found online.
Video materials are available at:
Online vacancies:

Prepare for a job interview by visiting:
European Union Employment Network EURES:

Final test/tips

Advice on how to find a proper job offer more successfully.