Module 4: Employment and work life

Where to find a job? Support structures for job seekers

The aim of this lesson is to acquaint a job seeker with the support structures and their respective organizations offering different types of services for job seekers. Continuing the previous topic, we can see that there are many different ways of acquiring information about job vacancies. Quite often a person, who has never been in a search for a job, is not informed about the opportunities offered by the support structures. The information is provided both by state institutions and international organisations as well as public organisations. For example in Latvia it is the National Employment Agency.

Lesson time foreseen

1 hours for reading the lesson
2 hours for implementation (added links, videos)

Lesson Content

Where to find information about vacancies

In Latvia

In Germany

Support structures for job seekers and services they provide

In Latvia

In Germany


The materials to be used in the lesson are prepared by the tutor and additional information can be found online.
Private employment agencies and job placement companies
International organisations
Local newspapers
Informative booklets
Employers presentations
Job offers in state and international institutions

Career centres


Final test/tips

Tips on where to look for a job