Module 4: Employment and work life

Rights, obligations and restrictions of a job seeker

In this lesson we will look into rights, obligations and restrictions of a job seeker. Every person has a right to seek employment, receive support in the job seeking process and be acquainted with the planned employment promotion measures. In every country the type and amount of the job seeking support is stipulated by the laws of the relevant country which includes a wide range of questions/issues – support measures for employment promotion, prevention of discrimination in various day-to-day situations, local government competence in issues regarding employment, rights and obligations of a job seeker.

Lesson time foreseen

1 hours for reading the lesson
1 hours for implementation (added links, videos)

Lesson Content

Rights of a job seeker:

In Latvia

In Germany

Obligations of a job seeker:

In Latvia

In Germany



Online resources are used in this lesson, as well as materials prepared by the tutor.

Employment law

Final test/tips

What should be taken into account when searching for a job