Module 4: Employment and work life

Types of employment

The lesson will focus on what are the possibilities for a job seeker to choose the most suitable employment form and type. Before choosing type of employment, it is necessary to understand the specific characteristics of each type - rights, duties, taxes to be paid, registration procedures, and other relevant things.
Each person has the right to seek employment, to receive support in the process of finding a job, and to get acquainted with the planned employment promotion measures. In each country, the type and amount of the support and assistance rendered to a job seeker in order to help him to find a job is stipulated by the laws of the relevant country, which include a wide range of issues - support measures for employment promotion, prevention of discrimination in various day-to-day situations, the competence of local government regarding employment, rights and obligations of a job seeker.

Lesson time foreseen

1 hours for reading the lesson
2 hours for implementation (added links, videos)

Lesson Content

The aim of the lesson is to provide comprehensive information on possible employment types in Latvia, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and Turkey and their characteristics, such as the amount of taxes, registration procedures, etc.

Possible types of employment and their characteristic features:
In Latvia
In Germany
Comparison of employment types:
In Latvia
In Germany
Laws governing rights for employment
In Latvia
In germane



Online resources are used in this lesson, as well as materials prepared by the tutor.,-re%C4%A3istr%C4%93%C5%A1an%C4%81s/


Final test/tips

What should be taken into account when looking for the most suitable type of employment