Module 5: Entrepreneurial training


The objectives of this module are to provide to foreigners that want to open an activity, a company in another country, the training bases to plan their business activity that takes into account: the hosting country, their attitudes and skills, the context in which they will operate, the reference market, the available opportunities. In detail in this module, we will develop the topics of strategic planning, market analysis capabilities, degree of competition, management issues, and regulatory aspects to be address. All of this starting from the business idea and its formalization, planning, development of a business plan and potential funding.


We will develop the objectives of the module through the following main units:

1. Recognition of the entrepreneur spirit and skills - are you an entrepreneur? Do you have the entrepreneur spirit? Which skills do you miss to be an entrepreneur? – content development by testing (1 lesson)
2. Types of entrepreneurship – list of the main type of companies recognized at local level, diversities and functions of a limited company, social company, a cooperative, etc. (1 lesson)
3. Opening a business is a challenging process that has many satisfactions but also many obligation that is why before starting it is necessary in the Entrepreneurship to define: opportunities, preconditions, motivation (1 lesson)
4. Business idea generation – some tips about how to develop the idea and that the idea is matching your expectations or better following your talent (1 lesson)
5. Market Research - before developing a business plan in detail, the first step is to check the market you want to work on, is ready for the idea that you are developing, are there any sales opportunities or better to move to another area or country? Or, is it the market ready for your business idea? (1 lesson)
6. Writing a business plan – main topics to consider developing a good business plan. Description, products/services, marketing, team needed, financial plan (4 lessons)
7. Marketing - analysis and identification of the main competitors companies, Innovation in markets and development strategies, communication, continue innovation and research, pricing (2 lessons)
8. Formal Procedure for starting a business – registration, taxes office, banks (1 lesson)
9. Financial administration – Laws and regulations - which are the local main rules, what about taxes, bookkeeping, orientation for further information related to the sector (1 lesson)
10. Tips on maintaining a business – which are the main rules and advice to take into account to maintain your business (1 lesson)
11. Commitment for sustainability, business practice – sustainable procurement, mobility, etc. (1 lesson)


How you can learn more about these topics:

  • Face to Face
  • by self-study – project platform – links to relevant material and exercised, tests, exercises on business plan development – examples of good business plans
  • attending lessons by teachers of entrepreneurship
  • asking at local level to the relevant offices: e.g. chamber of commerce, regional bodies, local communities, specific tax offices, private consultancy offices
  • role-playing
  • video tutorial
  • You tube videos about how to maintain an active business


Evaluation of the module