Module 5: Entrepreneurial training

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Formal Procedure for starting a business



The transfer of the idea to the company necessarily implies the knowledge of the formalities associated with the legalization of its activity and the contact with a group of entities whose attributions and activities fall within the sometimes long process of creation / legal constitution of a company.

In this stage, attention is drawn to the most significant aspects related to the procedure, documentation and associated costs, both in the case of choosing the legal form of the company to have fallen on the figure of Businessman in Individual Name as in case the option have been the Society.


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1 Lesson


Lesson Content

Starting a Business: Procedures step by step
1)Legal constitution of the company;

2) Legal formalities:
-Individual Company / Businessman in Individual Name Society;
- Immediate Brand Registration;
-Industrial property;
- Registration of the name of the enterprise;
- Support for online registration applications.

3)Individual Company / Businessman in Individual Name:
- Request for Certificate of Admissibility of Signature or Denomination;
- Identification card application;
- Declaration of Commencement of Activities;
- Business Registration;
- Mandatory communication to the Institute for the Development and Inspection of Working Conditions;
-  Registration of the businessman in Social Security;
- Registration of individual company in Social Security;
 - Preparation of the Statutes;
 - Public Deed of Constitution;
- Certificate of Admissibility of Signature;
- Commercial Registry;
 - Registration in the Central Register of Legal Persons;
- Taxpayer Tax Number;
- Mandatory communication to the Institute for Development and Inspection of Working Conditions;
- Registration of the company in Social Security.
With the purpose of facilitating the process of constitution, alteration or extinction of companies, Company Shops is available that are services of attendance and of information to the users.They consist of the physical installation, in a single place, of delegations or extensions of the Public Administration Services or Organizations that most directly intervene in the legal formalities associated with any of the aforementioned acts.
They are present in each Shop of Company:
- A technical staff (AMA);
- A delegation from RNPC - National Registry of Legal Entities (IRN);
 -A Notary Public (IRN);
- An Extension of the Institute of Social Security, PI (ISS, IP);
- A Commercial Registry Support Office (IRN);
 - An "On the Spot Company" (IRN);
 - A counter of Caixa Geral de Depósito (CGD).
5)Brand Registration


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