Module 5: Entrepreneurial training

Lesson Title

Do you have the potential to be an entrepreneur?



During the topic, learner need to understand: are you an entrepreneur? Do you have the entrepreneur spirit? Which skills do you miss to be an entrepreneur? In testing phase, can be used not only our suggested test, also can be used local rezognized test or another material.


Lesson time foreseen

1 Lesson


Lesson Content

  • Job opportunities and potential earnings with your professional education and experiences are:

       Not good

       Quite good

       Very good

  • Are you scared about the possible insecurity of an entrepreneurial existence?

       Not scared

      Quite scared

  • Will your marriage partner support you with starting-up your business?


       It depends

       No support

       No marriage partner

  • Are you willing to work 60 hours per week or more in the first years?

     Of course

     Under certain constraints

     No way

  • Are you willing to risk gaining no regular income?



  • Have you been physically fit in the last three years?

     Never been diseased

     Occasionally been diseased

     Frequently/ For a long time been diseased

  • Are you permanently resistant to stressful situations? Are you focussing on solving the problem instead of avoiding such situations?




  • Are you familiar with setting goals and trying to strive them constantly?

     I did it very often before

     I sometimes did it before

     Only in few cases

  • Does your professional education fit with your business idea?



      Not at all

  • Could you already gain leadership experience during your further professional career?

     Several years of experience

     Two years at the most

     No experience

  • Do you have commercial know-how?

      Extensive know-how

      Little know-how

      No know-how

  • Do you dispose of financial reserves to assure a certain independence from creditors?

     No financial reserves

     Little financial reserves

     Extensive financial reserves

According to your responses, consider well if you have an entrepreneurial potential!



Module evaluation: