Module 6: Civic Participation

Lesson Title

Volunteering in Society



Volunteers have always been present in societies throughout the ages and their action has taken on a number of expressions, predominantly charitable, exercised in an isolated and sporadic way and dictated for the most part, for family reasons, friendship and good neighborliness.

For years, its actions have been understood as a way of closing the inadequacies of family and institutional support.

In today's society it is recognized that volunteering has its own area of activity, whose work is in line with the complementarity of professional work and the actions of institutions.
Work to which countries and governments pay increasing attention, aware that volunteers are one of the most valuable assets of any country.



Lesson time foreseen

2 Lessons


Lesson Content

There will be 2 lessons for this topic. For the first lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1)Concept of Volunteering;
2)Types of Volunteering;
3)Rules for Volunteering;
4)Volunteer Legislation and Standards;
For the second lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1)Analysis of legislation on Volunteering;
2)Volunteer Programs;
3) Universal Declaration on Volunteering.


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