Module 6: Civic Participation

Lesson Title

Participation in Community Activities



In a locality there are sometimes many institutions that do work for their community, creating mechanisms to respond to existing needs. They can work in very different areas such as the environment, education, culture, health, social assistance, leisure, advocacy, citizenship, and can cover different types of target public: children, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, minority groups.


Lesson time foreseen

2 Lessons


Lesson Content

There will be 2 lessons for this topic. For the first lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1) Civil society and democracy;
2) City Council;
3) Democratic spaces;
4) Participatory Budgets;
5) Civil society and globalization;
For the second lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1) Examples of civil society institutions 
   - Professional Associations
   - Civic clubs
   - Political Institutions
2) Consumer Protection Bodies


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