Module 6: Civic Participation

Lesson Title

The Different Types of Volunteering



Volunteering is at the service of individuals, families and communities, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life and well-being of the population, which translates into a set of actions of social and community interest, carried out disinterestedly, expressing the work voluntary.

It is developed through projects and programs of public and private entities with conditions to integrate volunteers, involving the promoting entities and corresponds to a free and voluntary decision based on personal motivations and options that characterize the volunteer.

There are different types of Volunteering that demands different actions and activities.



Lesson time foreseen

2 Lessons


Lesson Content

There will be 2 lessons for this topic, where following subjects will be taught:
Types of volunteering;
1) In a social institution;
2) In a study center;
3) In a Food bank;
4) In a Church;
5) In a football club ;
6) In the environmental area;
7) Others….


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