Module 6: Civic Participation

Lesson Title

Funded Programs



There are some organizations whose mission is to provide information, to facilitate interaction between regional agents to encourage investment in territory. It has an operational component with the responsibility of advising and providing support to potential promoters; actively participates in the promotion of information on the multiple financial programs of national, community and international genesis and stimulates the regional investment attraction.
There are several community initiatives, with different thematic areas and specific applications (e. g: Employment and Social Rights: EaSI: it is a funding instrument at EU level for the provision of special support to vulnerable groups (e.g. :the young population; the promotion of gender equality; the fight against discrimination; the promotion of quality and the sustainability of employment; adequate and decent social protection; combating long-term unemployment, as well as combating poverty and social exclusion.

Knowing this kind of information, about funds and grants, can be an incentive for those interested in carrying out some project in the area of entrepreneurship or in another.



Lesson time foreseen

3 Lessons


Lesson Content

There will be 2 lessons for this topic. For the first lesson the following subjects will be taught:

1)Concept of Funded Programs

2)Types of Funded Programs:
   - Gender equality: (E.g.: Program for Gender Equality: it aims at levelling the inequalities that have a strong social and economic impact in the Portuguese society in terms of women’s position in the job market and also in terms of the work-life balance, contributing to the reduction of gender inequalities. Site:
   - Fight against discrimination;
   - Social Protection;
   - Poverty and social exclusion:
          E.g.: Project Time4U
          Entity : YUPI - Associação para o Desenvolvimento Social e Comunitário:
          Intervention Area: Development of Youth and Skills.
          Beneficiaries: people from 14 to 30 years of age
          Aim: Promote the development of competences for the exercise of volunteering actions dedicated to the youth of Famalicão , which result in an effective tool of active participation in citizenship.)
   - Long term unemployment.
For the second lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1)Legislation of Funded Programs;
2) Analysis of a funded program: social exclusion and poverty.


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