Module 6: Civic Participation

Lesson Title

Overview of civic involvement in project partner countries



Overview of Portugal
 It is a country with a quite strong culture of helping but still with many gaps in the civic participation level. Membership of organizations is residual, whether they are associations of parents, residents, consumers or social solidarity. Nevertheless, a very positive change has been envisaged in the last two decades. A relevant change is needed at a more concerted governmental and local level, through political reforms of political parties and institutions, to be increasingly reflected in civil society.


Lesson time foreseen

3 Lessons


Lesson Content

There will be 2 lessons for this topic. For the first lesson the following subjects will be taught:
1) Concept of Civic Participation;
2) Historic perspective;
3) Local perspective.
For the second lesson the following subjects will do:
1) Analysis of some specific civic participation
     -(E.g.: Banco Alimentar contra a Fome – These Food Banks supply, throughout the year, institutions of solidarity with activity in Portugal. In addition to the free delivery of food for people with food shortages. The Food Banks monitor and share the action of the institutions in the fight against social exclusion.
How to become a volunteer? Fill an application online -;
     - (CAIS – It works to contribute to the overall improvement of the living conditions of socially and economically vulnerable people, in situations of deprivation, exclusion and risk. 


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