NGO Dobele Training centre
    Reg. No. 40008119914
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    Address: Brivibas street 7, Dobele, Latvia, LV-3701


    Dobele Training Centre is a nongovernmental organization established in 2007. It is a non-profit educational support organization, which provides lifelong learning education opportunities for all people residing at Dobele area and outside its borders. The centre has six staff members.

    The centre has had successful co-operation with different social groups and organizations working on local and regional level.




    Aiforia GmbH

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    Aiforia GmbH is a sustainability agency based in Freiburg, Germany. It coordinates activities, projects and processes on environmental communication and the development and mainstreaming of good practices.

    It is also supporting lifelong learning through the facilitation of international exchange on various issues of sustainability, such as low resource consumption, sustainable urban development, organic agriculture, inter-cultural communication, social innovation, and on just and thoughtful policies.

    It organises multi-partner projects with local authorities and NGO's, learning programmes for technicians, councillors and citizens, study visits on “Green City Freiburg” for groups from abroad and local workshops for the citizens of Freiburg. Aiforia is an official Partner of Freiburg's Green City Office, commissioned by the city administration to present Freiburg's strategies of sustainable urban development in lectures and guided tours.




    Address; Peker Mahallesi 1709. Sokak Aydın Apt. No:16/1 Şehzadeler Manisa TURKEY
    Phone:+90 236 408 6375


    Our Organisation MAGNESIA is a nongovernmental Organisation that consists of a group of volunteers working for educational and cultural events and also participate and share Erasmus+ that consists of an active promotion of European citizenship by integrating different projects all over Europe.

    In order to that, we’ve been taking part in many international adult exchanges, seminars, conferences, summer camps, training courses, outdoor activities, congresses, youth/adult internships, campaigns and sports events.




    Cramars Società Cooperativa Sociale
    Via della Cooperativa 11/N
    33028 – Tolmezzo
    Tel. 0039 (0)433 41943
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    Cramars is a social co-operative born in 1997. Working in a rural mountain area the main mission is the development of human resources in marginal areas.

    Cramars manages vocational training courses addressed to employed, unemployed people and to apprentices, promotes social projects in a wide range of subjects including equal opportunities, social assistance and local development trying to match the needs of the local enterprises with the aim to offer to students a real working opportunity. That is why from 80th to 90th % of Cramars students after a period of 6/8 months course find a job.
    With EU projects Cramars is trying to involve all possible stakeholders, from schools to trade associations or public bodies together with different groups of participants to open the borders of this marginal area to new possibilities and innovative ideas with the objective especially to prevent the constant emigration of young people from the mountains to the city.





    Club Senior Nordstad
    Barbara Wiesen-Pankratz
    chargée de direction
    B.P. 54
    L-9001 Ettelbruck
    Tel: 00352 26813743
    Fax: 00352 26810163


    Club Senior Nordstad’s concept is to create, organise and implement activities for seniors of 50+ in order of the Luxembourgish Family Ministry and 9 local municipalities.

    The target group senior people with an age up to 50 years, are all independent, living in their own homes or apartments, some of them are retired, others are still working, a lot of them are living alone. They all have different interests and abilities, and the association tries to discover their needs and care about their vitality and activity.

    The main types of activities offered are: trips and journeys; lifelong learning activities such as languages courses, IT training, discovering history and culture; cultural activities such as visiting theatres and museums, different sports activities, consulting and information, health prevention by activation and information, sociability, creativity and new technologies. For the lifelong learning courses the association engages freelance teachers and trainers.




    s5 logo Agrupamento de Escolas D. Sancho I (D. Sancho I Aggregated Schools)
    Ana Paula|Silva (English teacher)
    Tel. +351 252 322048


    Agrupamento de Escolas D. Sancho I is a non –profit public elementar, basic and secondary aggregation of scholls located in the river Ave valley,a mixed urban-rural area in the north of Portugal, in the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão.
    The school provides all levels of education, including Elementary schooling and Basic schooling. It teaches post-elementary levels (7th,8th and 9th forms) and secondary ones, either during the day or at night.

    Night school consists of Education and Training of Adults who left school without completing their secondary education and Second Chance Courses mostly for those who want to go on to university. Additionally, it integrates a local Qualification Centre, managed by the Town Hall.